So What Beats The PS3 In Sales In Japan?

April 8, 2012

Having BluRay and running faster does not seem to win it all these days. It’s not a good look, especially when your handheld counterparts aren’t winning it all. What console could possibly be better than Sony’s lineup?

It is Nintendo’s very own 3DS! The 3D enabled handheld is just blowing the competition out of the water in Japan. The numbers are still big but the gap between the PS3 and the 3DS is astonishing. Trailing the PS3 in the lineup is the PSP followed by the Vita. The good news is that these three consoles haven’t allowed the Wii to surpass them yet. Take a look at the hardware sales figures below:

  1. 3DS: 121,921 (94,011)
  2. PS3: 23,771 (25,750)
  3. PSP: 18,356 (19,875)
  4. PSV: 12,105 (10,302)
  5. Wii: 9,292 (9,270)
  6. PS2: 1,374 (1,333)
  7. X360: 1,317 (1,084)
  8. DSi LL: 941 (1,058)
  9. DSi: 771 (778)

(#) indicates Year to Date figures.

With the 3DS leading hardware sales, it also means that it dominates in game sales as well.

What is with the Japan’s love for this thing?

Source: Games Industry

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