So You Want Your XMB In Arabic…

April 13, 2013

Everyone has their own tastes as to what should be on their console, how it should be setup, the customizations pumped into it and what not. For the bilingual out there, you may want to have your system in your native language. While that is feasible without mods, the problem that sometimes comes up is that there’s no option available for the language that you may want to use. Haider.Kiara sees this problem and has decided to address it for Arabic speaking users. His Haider ENG2AR mod adds Arabic language support to the PS3. The better part is that he has done the mod for all the major CEX custom firmwares available.

By running a simple installer, you’ll not only change over to using the Arabic language but also change the coldboot, health warning and XMB waves. Here’s a list of all supported firmwares:

  • CFW 4.40 (ROGERO & MiralaTijera)
  • CFW 4.30 (ROGERO & E3)
  • CFW 3.55 (ROGERO & Kmeaw)

Want to check it out? You can download it below. Remember to have a backup handy in case you want to restore back the original files.


Download: Haider ENG2AR v1.01 Mod [3.55 | 4.30 | 4.40]


Source: PS3GameRoom

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