Some more VHBL on Vita’s Firmware 2.0

November 24, 2012

A few days ago we showed you a work in progress of Acid_Snake’s port of VHBL to Vita’s Firmware 2.0. The Z replied quickly with his own youtube video showing VHBL running a few homebrews, using a VHBL port by Frostegater himself (yeah, expect to hear that name more and more, as he seems unstoppable these days).

I’m a bit late on that (sorry, I was busy with work and getting sick, both seem to be prerequesites for me around thanksgiving), as TheZ actually posted the video a few days ago already.

How is this different from Acid_Snake’s port? Well, for a starter, they are probably not using the same game exploit, but more importantly, The Z’s video of Frostegater’s new VHBL port shows actual running homebrews (more than the VHBL menu, I mean). In the video below, we see a Vita 2.0 running Wagic, GPSP, Masterboy, and PSP Filer.

There’s no confirmation on a release date yet, although theZ and frostegater hinted that this might happen as soon as this month or the next. That being said, if you can’t wait for a release, remember that we provide guides here on how to find exploits and port VHBL to them. People with a bit of training have been able to port VHBL to a new game exploit within 1h.

Source The Z

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