Some problems with *Red Power*: Debunking? or just fighting?

September 26, 2012

Well here i will share something i found, many random posts and quotes:

所謂的4.21 cfw說到底就是經過大量公開測試然後推出新款電子狗賣錢的所謂破解,難怪在外國人眼中一向都看不起中國人,這樣的行為根本違背了破解共享的義意!!

The cfw 4.21 constitutes the bottom line saying a lot of public expenditure went through test launches for a new electronic trading Silver Dog constitutes a break, this is hardest on developing countries, a country in the eyes of people in the People’s Republic to those who are dismissive.
And thus shalt thou do the fundamental rebelled against the righteous cracking shared. !

Note: Someone is not happy about this…


Plus they are not looking forward about Rebug (some user stated) possible close to admin’s toughts.


Red Power JB3 version 5.21 CFW….


They are talking about business is businness and if they don’t want to release the whole *pack* but the Solution SHOULD be free…



Some more random comment:

Some reference about some of the money and shows the real ugly face of the foreigners, already have been exposed for reasons dismissing more than China, perhaps it is only the so-called false sense of superiority …

Response to that comment:

This is not exposing true colours (faces, intentions), there are many opportunities to people to use for the ones who do not want to be respected

Let’s wait what Mgt hua says, wait for : rebug 4.21 CFW from Fei. Free PUBLISH!!


For some reason many Chinese users want this published FREE or released for free but the admin is not reporting anything yet.
But i think they are debating if it’s right to make a free release or make business with it. Which using some common sense, business means in some kind way a new DRM or something similar.



Once again – I swear, the day before I really do not know what it is you want to sell the *DOG* and the test on the host. (RED Blue Disk POWER), the discussion Then, Blue Disk (RED POWER) discussion, vent (was leaked?) it in this post Reply.
Blue Disk (RED POWER) prohibit new open new topic related no open posts necessary (and decided by the Moderator whether there is necessary to start a topic), and offenders to delete, gag those without treatment – whether it is praise or scolding equally.

Seems that they have a section that you need to have certain *points* to access and download…game sharing possible.


I was checking many of the messages on the bbs board but seems they have a heavy *fight* or crossed opinon in there betwwen them, seems this was a big move to advertise the site with some *real* CFW.

  • There’s no solid PROOF whatsoever that this exists.
  • Can be a LEAD for a new DRM device (like i said many times 3 were predicted this year) maybe one can be the real one.
  • Probably a new COBRA incoming with new features, since they go hand to hand with mM.
  • We cannot check NOTHING about this, because so far we have ONE video and various pics. No download LINK nothing.

This being said i hope in this week this *issue* clarifies but i have more message for RED or indeed the whole board, if between users keep fighting you will not achieve nothing. Quite the contrary you will confuse more and eventually get debunked and labeled as FAKE.



P.s: If you don’t like this, don’t read. If you don’t give a damn about this IGNORE. If you don’t like the way i manage things..well it’s your problem not mine. THANKS!!! ;)

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