Some PSP Homebrew Games Released By Sandroron

March 27, 2014

PSP developer Sandroron has released some PSP homebrew games, here they are:

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This is the new remake of famous game for iOS and Android now available for PSP!

What’s new?

  • New graphics
  • Saves
  • Counting of elements
  • Scrolling

Now only 36 elements, but in the future there will be more

What to do?
Combine elements to get to the new one, you need to Alchemical chains.
The idea is simple: When you combine 4 basic elements (water, air, fire and earth) with each other, you get all the other available items.


What is 1D GAME?

1D GAME – the world’s first game, which takes place in one-dimensional space.

What generally is 1D?
If 3D games have 3 axes – X, Y and Z; 2D – 2 axes – X and Y, the 1D is a game that has only one axis – X. That is the whole plot of the game will take place on the same line on which the pixels will fly and you will need to catch them.

The plot of the game is that some “Catcher” for an unknown reason into a world of 1D. There’s a voice out of nowhere and says, well, we need help, we were attacked by the evil pixels, save us, you’re elected. The challenge is to catching pixels. When one of them falls into the white area you have to press X or O. As the game will meet
smiling bonus levels, including 0D GAME and 1D Tetris, but in the end fight with LORD RIXEL. In the second update appears 2 Player mode and 1D Glasses mode.


A port of one of the most famous games comes to PSP!

This game needs no introduction. You are a bird that flies between the pipes.
All you need is to score as many points as possible.


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