Some videos showcasing 173210′s upcoming VHBL port for Vita 2.61

October 3, 2013

We’ve announced recently that Japanese developer 173210 is going to release a port of VHBL for Vita firmware 2.61 soon. The following videos showcase his work in progress. We have shown these videos before, but at the time it was not clear that a release would happen.

The first video shows a very simple homebrew (PSPONG) running inside the exploit. This was at a time where 173210′s exploit did not have enough available ram to load reasonably complex emulators.

But with help from Qwikrazor87 (famous for his port of VHBL to firmware 2.12, as well as his help for the latest VHBL on 2.60), 173210 was able to free more Ram and load more advanced homebrews. The second video shows that the exploit can run Daedalus (N64 Emulator), Wagic (trading card game), PSPFiler (file manager), Bookr (ebook and pdf reader), MVSPSP (Neo Geo emulator), PSPCalc (a calculator utility), pspdoxManager and PSPlorer (other file managers) and Snes9xTYL (Super NES emulator).

VHBL is a utility to load user-created software on the Playstation Vita, such as user-made games and emulators. VHBL runs through an exploit and typically requires you to buy a vulnerable game from the playstation store. This upcoming release leverages an exploit for a game that is only available on the Japanese PSN.

Stay tuned for more info on the release… don’t forget the way of the ninja :)

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