Sony announces a new PS3 model, 25% lighter, 20% smaller

September 19, 2012

Sony just announced during the Tokyo Game Show that a new Playstation 3 model is coming. This model will be 20% lighter and 25% smaller than the current slim models, and basically half of the size/weight of the original Phat models . Screenshots below.

The device will be available very soon: 9/25 in the US, 9/28 in Europe, and 10/4 in Japan. Both Black and White colorsĀ  will be available, and the Hard drive is getting a boost up to 500GB, although the prices seem to not want to get down with this new model (but potentially the prices of Slim and Phat PS3s will go down now).

It also seems Europe will be seeing an exclusive model where the 500GB hard drive gets replaced by a 12GB Flash memory unit (other countries will probably follow). I am not too sure why Europe would be first on this one, possibly because Europe is not doing so great in digital sales maybe? 32GB would have felt less cheap though, didn’t Sony read my rant about the size of their cards?

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