Sony announces the PlayStation 4; Full roundup of details

February 21, 2013

Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 at their “Future of PlayStation meeting”in New York as I type this, something we all saw coming. Keep reading and I’ll do a full run down of the specs, controller and features! This is it everyone, the future of console gaming has arrived; the PlayStation 4.


Veteran designer Mark Cerny, who headed up architecture on the new console, introduced the PS4 at an event today in New York City. He ran down the specs briefly.

 The PS4 specs described are still very much a PC in terms of internal hardware and OS: an x86 processor, an 8-core combined CPU/GPU, and 8 GB of unified GDDR5 memory (versus the PS3′s 512 megabytes). The PS4 will have a local HDD however nothing yet as to whether its a solid state. The new RAM will enable the new “suspend/resume” functionality that allows you to instantaneously start and top playing by hitting the power button. Quite impressive and especially if you notice that its a 16x the RAM of a PS3 or XBOX 360.

You can suspend/resume the system instantly by pressing the power button. A secondary custom chip will handle downloads and uploads so you can get games onto your console even when it’s turned off. You can also play games while they’re being downloaded, Cerny said.


The controller is basically the same as the prototype leaks we recently saw however this official controller is a little more refined with raised platforms around the standard buttons. The PS4 controller has the known touch pad with full motion control and a “light bar” for identification purposes. There’s also a share button, and the light bar, as well as being used to identify players with color coding.


The PS4 is a next generation console and the features are something that are something to set it apart.

Sony’s Gaikai cloud tech has been put into the console, turning the machine into a server and making the PS Vita a client. So youll be able to play your PS4 games on the go on your Vita, and support should be full  unlike the PS3 remote play. Futhermore, Gaikai boss David Perry said his company is exploring long term options to make PS3 game “ubiquitous on any device.” The cloud tech is advanced Sony could put PS1, PS2, PS3, and PlayStation Mobile games on any device, including the PS4. According to Sony, it would change the idea of game longevity.

Sony also just made it official: a big feature of the PlayStation 4 will be a share button on the controller. Full Facebook integration will be part of the sharing system.

Your friends list can be expanded to include accounts from third-party services like Facebook, including real-world names and profile images. You can record and share videos and screenshots, including streaming your content live. You can access the PS4′s online services not just from your PS4, but from phones and tablets as well, queuing up downloads and messaging friends. After announcing this they then showed the preview of what the UI (User Interface) will look like, its dubbed the dashboard for the time being and will be a mix of the XMB and the PS3′s new PlayStation store.

Stay tuned, more information is spilling out slowly including new games for the PS4 and tech demos.

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