Sony brings carrier billing to the PS3 in the US with Boku partnership:

August 30, 2013

Nice initiative ;) . Now you can pay if you live in the US or UK with your mobile.

What is BOKU?:

BOKU carrier-billing (charge to mobile phone bill) provides a secure and easy-to-use payment method. Carrier-billing enables unbanked[4] consumers who may have a mobile phone, but no credit card or traditional bank account, to make purchases online.
The majority of transactions processed through BOKU carrier-billing are for digital and virtual goods and services, including social and free-to-play games, virtual goods, social networks and other online experiences. BOKU focuses on making the mobile phone number a viable payment option not only for virtual goods, but for digital goods (i.e. MP3′s, eBooks, movies, etc.) and physical goods.

 To quote:

Sony has just added a carrier billing option for PlayStation Store purchases on its PS3 console through a partnership with Boku.

PS3 owners will now be able to add money to their Sony Entertainment Network accounts for purchasing games, add-ons, themes, movies, TV shows, and Sony Music Unlimited subscriptions. Sony and Boku added support for mobile top-ups for the PlayStation in the UK in July.

To utilize carrier billing, US customers select the “mobile” payment option on either the PS3′s PlayStation Store or the Sony Entertainment Network website. After inputting their mobile number, customers will receive a text message requesting confirmation for the charge.


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