Sony Gets Hot and Cold With Its Latest Patent

October 15, 2012

It’s true that patents get filed all the time by big companies like Sony and Apple, but that doesn’t mean that we can at least take a quick look at some of the devices that may or may not be in our future. According to a report from Kotaku, the latest in this run of theoretical options comes in the form of a motion controller that changes temperature in response to what’s going on on your screen. In terms of it’s design, there’s no question that at least on the basic level we could be talking about a new version of the PlayStation Move, but when it comes to patents, they could just be using that design as a sort of current benchmark.

You might be asking yourself, how in the world could this be useful? Lucky for you, my source gives us a whole bunch of clever ways that this could actually turn out to be pretty interesting. For shooter fans, it could add a whole new dimension to the game as your gun now has the possibility of actually overheating in a way that you can feel. The fantasy genre can also finally feel the heat of all those fireballs. Lastly, for games like LA Noire that have you searching for clues, you now have the chance to play an actual game of hot or cold while in pursuit. Not to mention any sort of cooling controller might also be helpful for those sweaty palms too. Would you want a temperature controller, or is this just too hot to handle?


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