Sony Hacked By NullCrew

September 5, 2012

Sony really does seem to be the common target of everybody’s hacking ploys. Ever since the initial massive PSN breach by Anonymous not too long ago, it seems the company cant seem to catch a break when it comes to being a hackers playground. It’s true that some of these reports have been falsified, while others left gamers in despair for weeks  on end, but today we have yet another report from another group. While NullCrew doesn’t typically take the activist stance when it comes to their hacking practices, at least in this particular instance they felt that Sony needed to be punished for their lack of security on their mobile branch site.

As their attack logs suggest, a total of eight Sony servers appear to have been fully compromised with an attached pastebin as proof. As for the difficulty of the operation, NullCrew claims it was rather easy to pull off the hack, which has lead them to believe that “not even their customers can trust them to do anything right technologically.” No official word has been said by Sony on this matter as of late, but you can bet that they will be looking to keep this one hush hush to avoid any additional scrutiny from the press.

What do you think of all this intrusion? Is it worthy payback for George Hotz, or just plain stupid?


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