Sony Hackers Gather Round: New PS Vita Hacks, PSP Emulation, and PS3 Tools in Our Download Roundup

March 19, 2013

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 VNC Viewer – PS3

I know a lot of you folks here on DashHacks are probably some of the smartest on the next when it comes to technology, so I probably don’t even really need to explain what this one does. However, in case you are a bit out of the loop, VNC is a protocol that lets you access your computers remotely from another device. That being said, that is essentially what this download will allow you to be able to do. Only this time, as the download implies, you’ll be able to use your handy dandy CFW PS3 to get your access. The developer has specifically tested it on Linux using a VNC client, but other OSes like Windows have been said to work as well.

PS3 Windows

This PSL1GHT application was very quietly brought to our attention from the developer who calls themselves nicogrx as more of a basic proof of concept than anything else, so I wouldn’t expect blazing speeds coming from it, especially from Windows 7. However, if you can happen to get this thing booted, it’s just one more function you can add to the table. A couple of Rogero users here have said that package does not work, so you may need to resign it yourself. Regardless this is one small but significant step for our scene.

Next on our list is the Vita firmware that’s on everybody’s minds. What has Total_Noob brought us this time?

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