Sony Hates Homebrew Devs But Want You To Make Games On Their Terms

September 26, 2012

Everyone that is a member of this forum, or any other PS3 related website, knows that Sony hate the PS3 Homebrew Developer, this is because they don’t have any control and wouldn’t make any money out of it, but they are looking for developers as long as you obey their command, they are looking for small games studios and bedroom developers in the UK, here is some info:


It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a budding developer in the UK and with the imminent launch of PlayStation Mobile small development teams and even bedroom coders can create great games for the platform.

It’s with the arrival of PSM and our continued commitment to finding and nurturing new development talent that, in conjunction with Creative England and Birmingham Science Park, we have established PlayStation Pioneers. The initiative will give smaller developers the opportunity to win £25,000 for a games concept and the opportunity to work alongside Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe External Development Studio (XDev).

With the PlayStation Mobile development studio freely downloadable, taking part in PlayStation Pioneers could not be easier and this is a great opportunity for smaller developer’s with little or even no PlayStation experience to make a great new game for PlayStation. It is equally a great opportunity for XDev to meet passionate and talented teams within the UK and for us to hear all about your great ideas!

Now for the details:

  • The opportunity is open to UK-based developers only
  • The goal is to take a concept/prototype and develop a playable ‘vertical slice’ suitable for consumer trial/user testing in summer 2013.
  • The deadline for submissions is 31st October 2012
  • Five finalists will then be selected to exhibit at this year’s LAUNCH conference taking place at Birmingham Science Park on 13th and 14th November 2012 and present their concepts to a panel.
  • £25,000 will be awarded to the winning entry
  • XDev will have the first right of refusal in regard to publishing the final game.
  • The winner will be announced by the panel at LAUNCH on 14th November 2012.

“PlayStation Mobile is the best platform for the next generation of game developers to get their first game published! I really encourage submissions from recent graduates, game incubators and young start-ups to take a shot at this.”

Maria Stukoff, Head of Academic Development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

For more information, please visit the PlayStation Pioneers website. Good luck!

Source EU PS Blog

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