Sony Japan to Stream Early PlayStation Vita Announcements

February 18, 2013

Out of nowhere, Sony Japan is teasing an online streamed early event focused solely on the PlayStation Vita. Surprisingly its happening in just a few hours earlier than Wednesday’s big Sony “See the future” event in New York.

It looks like Sony is ready to announce some big things for the PlayStation Vita with the live stream event and it’s in only a few hours, at 3AM ET on Monday, February 18th or midnight PT. The page notes, that Sony “will deliver new information about PlayStation Vita” on Monday, February 18th at 5pm Tokyo time. Hiroshi Kawano, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be heading the stream.

Something important to note is that there are disclaimers on the bottom of the page including that the “streamed broadcast is already prerecorded” and that “some software may be age-restricted.” The last one is the most important since it indicates that some games will be shown (finally!), or better yet even revealed.

The page states that you can simply return there at the given time to watch the stream. At the bottom of the page there are also links to the stream being shown on smart phones and Ustream. So what could we possibly see? A new model PS Vita with 4G and price cuts like the rumors and patent I previously reported on? Or perhaps some big name franchises like a Grand Theft Auto or God of War? Sound off in the comments about what you think we’ll see!

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