Sony Makes 3 Disabled Gamers Day

October 9, 2013

So this may sound strange, but I’ve just come across an article so awesome and heart-warming, I had to tell you about it.

The EBGames Expo in Australia was on this weekend gone, and 3 disabled gamers were eager to try out Sony’s new piece of hardware. But unfortunately – Upon asking where the PS4 is situated at the convention centre, they are upstairs with no disabled access to it.

How did Sony apologize? In the most awesome way possible.

The wheelchair bound guys said on through an imgur link on reddit, who goes by the alias RandomHypnotica, that this is a quote from Sony:

We are extremely sorry, it should have never happened but because it is totally our fault, and we always support our disabled player base, we would like to offer something along with our sincerest apology

They replied with:

The whole console on release day and for free?!!?!

To which the rep replied:

Yes, absolutely, it’s the least we can do for what we have done here.

And then, much to the gamers surprise – handed them 3 free PS4 vouchers for a PS4 on release day.

After this, to see just what Microsoft would do, they then headed over to the Microsoft/Xbox One area and asked where they were. They were upstairs, and this is what the RandomHypnotica remembers them saying:

Sorry it’s upstairs, you can’t try it.

I saw this on a comment from N4G, I hope he wouldn’t mind if I steal it:

source gameranx

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