Sony MIB Team Full Speed Ahead – Lawsuit filed against Mr. George Hotz!

January 12, 2011

Sony Computer Entertainment America v. George Hotz

Sony has finally decided to play their poker hand today!

Their MIB (lawyers in black suits) have landed, and the target is of course Mr. George Hotz aka “geohot”!

Recently “Geohot” had published the PS3 ‘root key’ on his website, along with various ‘signing tools’ and samples of possible ways to install and run ‘homebrew’

It seems Sony has decided they have had enough of this, and as of Jan. 11, 2011 have filed a lawsuit against Mr. George Hotz, which will be filed under the court docket of ‘C 11-00167 JCS’!

We here at PSX-SCENE will be bringing you exclusive daily reports and filings from the Sony’s Men-In-Black court case, and unlike Apple it seems Sony will not allow Geohot to walk all over their product with “Jailbreaking” the PS3 Console!

UPDATE: Geohot has updated his website with two court papers, which you can find attached here now, and the following info:


Originally Posted by geohot

As of 1/11/2011 7:20 PM EST, I have been served with papers, see below…

old front page, with relevant info removed, is here

The new court files released by Geohot, show that members of Team fail0verflow are also named aka Bushing, Sven, Marcan as defendants!

Attached Files
File Type: pdf Clerks Notice.pdf (64.1 KB)
File Type: pdf Motion For TRO.pdf (207.0 KB)
File Type: pdf Proposed Order.pdf (94.5 KB)
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