Sony Network Entertainment president Tim Schaaff retires.

November 10, 2012

Well first sorry for being scarce of *news* from my part, im having some issues with some HEAVY power outages on my place.
Now to the news!

Tim Schaaff president of SNE will make retire on december 31 to be replace by Andrew House. Change of plans?…

Tim Schaaff, president of Sony Network Entertainment, will retire on December 31, to be replaced by Andrew House, Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. House will keep his position with SCEI, and Schaff will become an external director on the SNEI board of directors.

The SNEI president manages online services, and Schaaff was president during the 2011 PSN hack. He appeared before Congress to present Sony’s security plans at the height of that particular scandal. House became group CEO of SCEI in September 2011 when Kazuo Hirai left that position for a promotion to chairman.

“Under the leadership of Kaz, and Sir Howard Stringer before him, Sony gave me tremendous support to build a global team to coordinate and lead the company’s network service business,” Schaaff says. “Together we created something of significant value that will be an important part of Sony’s future. I’m grateful to have had this unique opportunity, proud of the commitment my team has demonstrated, and encouraged about Sony’s prospects in this strategic area.”

[Source] = Joystiq

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