Sony Planning To Cut 10,000 Jobs

April 10, 2012

Things are looking quite gloomy for Sony. It’s gloomy alright, hopefully it doesn’t affect the work on Orbis.

In a report ushered in by Reuters, Sony plans on cutting 10,000 jobs across the globe. Through merging the chemical division and LCD companies, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai is looking to recover from a $2.7 billion loss. Cuts go as far as getting the former CEO of Sony along with other employees to return their bonus paychecks.

Even though the amount of jobs lost is only 6 percent of the total workforce and may seem small, it gets pretty big when you consider the products that Sony push out every year. It’s just not the PS3 and the Vita, it goes onto phones, cameras, TVs. The list goes on and on.

Hopefully with everything being done to address the defecit, Sony can recover and get back to the position that they once were.

Source: Reuters via Neowin

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