Sony predicts shorter UK lifecycle for PS4 than PS3:

November 30, 2013

Nothing new about products lifecycle, but some predictions (and using some common sense) hint us that PS4 lifespan could be considerably shorter than PS3.
Fergal, made some interest comment: “I think there’s reasons to believe that the next cycle might be shorter in markets such as the UK.”
Question is why?..

To quote:

Sony’s UK managing director has indicated that the PlayStation 4 will likely have a shorter lifecycle than that of the PlayStation 3.

Fergal Gara made the comments as part of an interview with TechRadar, stating “I think there’s reasons to believe that the next cycle might be shorter in markets such as the UK.

It’s a comment that stands in contrast to Microsoft’s view of the next generation of games consoles. In an interview with GamesIndustry International, Xbox’s Canadian head of marketing, Craig Flannagan, said: “It’s probably going to be a pretty long generation. We’re probably here for a while because we’re built for the future. This is a console that will last you, conservatively a decade, if I had to put a bet down today.”

Where Flannagan sees longevity, Gera appears to see our appetite for new technology as something that is steadily increasing. “It’s probably a sign of the times and how much has changed in seven years, but I think the willingness and the appetite to pick up new technology fast has probably changed quite a bit,” he said.

Promising initial sales of the PS4, the fact that the eighth generation of consoles function more as unified entertainment hubs than game units, and the fact that Nostrodamus is not on staff at Sony mean that future predictions are still just educated guesswork with a hint of marketing savvy.

As Gara concludes, “Does that mean this is going to be a much bigger cycle? Maybe. Or it might mean that it’s just a bit more compressed into the first few years, that the latter years are a little softer.”

What you think?.


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