Sony pushes out digital PS3 Ultimate Editions with discounts for PSN users:

November 21, 2012

While the Playstation Network isn’t exactly perfect, there’s a lot of good going on with the service right now. Playstation 3 owners aren’t just getting free online gameplay, but they’re getting full retail games for free (provided they are PS+ members) and plenty of sales to boot.

Of course with Black Friday just a few days away, Sony is running sales on their PSN Service for both Playstation Plus and standard PSN members. They’re called PS3 Ultimate Editions, which are games that include all of their respective DLC packs and pushed out (of course) digitally.

While you could just say these games are Games of the Year editions, and you’d be right, not all GOTY editions are offered digitally, and we’re getting to a point where people just don’t wanna run to the store and get a psychical copy anymore.

The sale is currently going on and will run until Nov 26, plenty of time to get some cash and stock up on some game. There are nine games in total, with PS+ members getting the games with up to 73% off and standard users getting up to 66% off.

Here’s a complete list of the games and their reduced prices:

On top of having the games on sale, those that spend a total of $60 or more on these games will get a $10 PSN voucher on Dec 6, and is valid through January 6, 2013.

There’s plenty of great deals going on here, even if you have the games already if you haven’t played the DLC for said games it might be worth picking a few of them up.

Check out the Playstation Blog for more details.

[Source] = Examiner

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