Sony requires PS Vita Remote Play for all PS4 games

May 31, 2013

Eurogamer reports that Sony will require all PS4 games to support PS Vita-remote play feature., making all next gen games to be playable on PSVita. The remote play feature does not do the actual processing over PSVita, it actually just streams the game via WiFi over to the handheld device from PS4.


Remote Play works by downscaling the 1080p framebuffer to the Vita’s native 960×544 resolution, using the PS4′s in-built hardware h.264 video encoder to compress the image. This is then beamed out over WiFi to the Vita, which decodes the video and sends back controller inputs to the PlayStation 4.

This move probably is to help boost the horrid PSVita sales.

How do you guys feel about PSVita and playing games with PS4? If you dont own one, is this a reason for you to get one? Let us know via comments!

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