Sony Spills A Few More Beans About PS4 At GDC- Controller, Friends List, HDD + More

March 29, 2013

The touchpad looks a little bit like an air hockey table…. I got it! Those holes blow air at your face when your hot! BEST. IDEA. EVER.

Hello again! Being as I totally haven’t spammed this page of blog posts and 5 of them aren’t on the front page, and I’m waiting for episode 2 of the walking dead game to download (Love it!) so I thought I might pay y’all a visit.

Much to the public’s delight, Playstation announced many more (awesome) things about their new console, the PlayStation 4. If you can’t read titles, they spoke more about the controller, they touched upon the HDD sizes, and also about the friends list.

By ‘they’ I mean SCEA’s Chris Norden had a conference at the same time as Hideo Kojima’s presentation on the FOX engine, which I  was unaware of because I was watching the FOX engine tech demo at the time (It looks amazing, I’ll supply a video below).

Oh, it’s finished downloading, 1 tic.


Norden spoke about many things at the conference, so lets see what he had to say about the PS4′s ‘revolutionary’ controller.

He mainly spoke about the controllers light bar, he mentioned that it is always on (even when its off? I doubt it.) and that the light powering it is a nice powerful (and every so popular nowadays) LED, which looks like it can make a bit of a fuss if it wants to be noticed. A cool thing about it, was how the light on it can change at certain parts of the game, so developers can change the LED’s colo(u)r to make you feel more immersed in the game, say it will flash a certain colour when you fire a gun (hopefully not on a minigun, which would be annoying for me. Having epilepsy, but oh well.) Or can change from green to orange, to red to coincide with your health depleting. It can also act as a notification when you get a power up, or maybe low on ammo.

Something that was actually said by him, was how your PSN ID is stored ON the controller, and that upon connecting with a friends controller, instead of those 4 red lights that show controller number, the controller light bar shows as either Blue, Red, Pink or Green .Yes, the same colours as X Circle Square and Triangle…….. Well done!

Also that was mentioned, was how the touchpad on the middle is clickable! I wonder how that’ll turn out.

Wait…… Is that white box the PS4?

As in the title, I mentioned about the friends list. Norden only said 1 little sentence on it actually, but a sentence that will be music to many of you gamers out there…….. They have lifted the friend limit! If you didn’t know, the PS3 could only have 100 friends maximum, but if you play many different games aswell as having a fair amount of actual friends, you will know that it doesn’t take much to get to 100.

This is great news, not so much as about as what im going to mention, but it is amazing. I’ve started to treat my PS3 friend list like an elite club. Only the greatest of players can be on it (People with a trophy level of 25 or more, unless they have a Cascade badge, then it’s level 30 ;) )

Something I always found super annoying about my PS3 was how the controllers couldn’t charge while the ps3 was off, I always had to use either my computer which is the other side of my house or anything else with a USB input. However, this has all changed. It was announced that the controllers will charge while the Playstation 4 is off! Bliss!

If you didn’t notice, the charging port has changed from mini USB to micro usb. Although this is slightly annoying (I have about 100 of the mini USB’s, picked up from old phones, camera’s or any gadget my family and I have picked up)

Lets talk about the share button that destroyed our beautiful Start & Select. We miss you! (Select was a bit useless though) if you were to press the Share button once, it opens up the share screen no matter what time the player is in the game, but I’d suggest doing it at an easy time, don’t press it when your in the middle of a boss battle and need to mash X!

Keep holding it down, and the Share button takes a screenshot of the game, I’m guessing you can cycle back through the footage of what you were playing, because holding it down for a bit, and you may miss what your’e actually trying to capture. Users have the ability to caption pictures as well as videos and people will be able to add comments in real-time :)!

And Norden went on to say how the share feature is a part of the PlayStation 4 itself, and will not be anything that the developers will need to put into the game separately.

Good ol’ Norden said how they are encouraging dev’s to separate their game into bitesize chunks, so the user can play the first part of the game, access the menu and, say, character creation menu, or the opening cut-scene and while that is playing. You’ve guessed it! more chunks are downloading.

Okay, the Hard Drive, he didn’t really speak about much but he did say that it will be ‘very large’……. how much do you consider ‘very large’? Having 100GB films, 50GB games and most likely 50MB save games, it,will be used up pretty quick, I hope that the hard drive will be an SSD although that’ll increase the price alot (hopefully not as much as the Piston!)

Mr Norden also showed how there will be an Android and iOS app, of the playstation store where you can browse the store on it, buy something and it will download onto you’re new PlayStation as soon as you press it, so when you get home from work/college/wherever it will be finished downloading when you’re home and you can start playing it!  He said “We want to minimise the amount of time we spend staring at loading screens”

SCEA = Sony computer Entertainment America

LED = Light Emitting Diode

USB = Universal Serial Bus. It’s like a bus that travels the Universe.

Norden = No. Not the Anti-Virus software.

On the client I use to type these blog posts, it seems to think Wololo’s closest typo correction is ‘Wollongong’

I wouldn’t suggest being as ignorant as me if you have epilepsy!

Fun fact;

There is a type of epilepsy which reacts to sound…… which is why I try not to listen to Justin Bieber, or Rebecca Black

A cacade badge is a reward in Pokemon Red where you can train pokemon up to level 30.

Today’s and tomorrows EU PSN bargain is Tomb Raider! It’s £20 in UK money, not sure about other countries though! 

I just bought it :D  

It’s taking a while though……. It’s 13GB after all!

I think I made a mess…..

How’s this for a caption?

Clarification: I do actually have epilepsy, I’m not just being an ass

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