Sony teases us with “See the future” post. Playstation 4 to be announced in February?

February 1, 2013

Straight from Sony’s twitter is an invitation to “see the future”. The twitter post is short (duh), and leads to a webpage containing not much information besides a date (February 20th, 6pm EST) and a promotion video.

The video itself (below) really doesn’t show much, so this could be anything. People are of course thinking mostly of a Playstation 4 announcement, but it could also be a hardware redesign of the PS Vita (a slim model?), a new huge game franchise, or anything else… you name it. The Playstation 4 sounds like the most likely candidate though, as some sites hinted that Sony was actually planning on announcing it way earlier, but couldn’t because of a lack of launch titles.

You can check Sony’s announce website here for “more” details (yeah, I told you, there’s not much to see)

How excited are you about the possibility of an official playstation 4 announcement, or next gen consoles in general? Are any of you shifting to Microsoft for their next console, or to PC gaming?

Thanks to everyone who sent us the tip!

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