Sony To Bring 4k Movie Service To PS4….. But one downfall…..

March 2, 2013

Before I start rambling, I will start by showing you this photo comparing 480p,720p,1080p and the notorious 4k resolution

Now that you have taken into perspective how much more of an improvement 4k is from 1080p, let me continue.

Sony have announced that there will be a 4k movie streaming service for the PS4, little is known about this, but hopefully it will include the mainstream film services like Netflix, LoveFilm and (maybe) even on demand TV services like BBC/ITV. As awesome as this sounds, if you knew that the higher the resolution, the larger the size in data, even if you understood this, you will still be shocked to find out that a single 4k film is…. wait for it…… a massive 100GB. No. I’m not joking. now apart from the fact that it is 20x the size of a modern day DVD, how long would that take to download? (at least you can download while it’s off!)

CEO Kaz Hirai  mentioned how it is still undecided whether to release the films digitally as well as on disc, but it is said it is unlikely “but not out of the question”. As the world is becoming more and more digital, will everything in the future become digital? with the PS4 it seems that it is heading that way.

Would you back this?

In the comment box below, I want to know how big a hard drive you would need to support 100GB films, for example on my PS3 alone I have about 14 films. I’ll be needing a 1.4TB hard drive

How big a hard drive will you need?

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