Sony To Release Smaller PS3 With 12GB Flash Memory?:

September 15, 2012

We’ve already seen the rumor that Sony will release a new PS3 model towards the end of the month. But might they release two…? One in September and one in October?

The first rumor involved a PS3 with a mammoth 500GB hard drive (which might not be so “mammoth” for those who have really gotten into the digital revolution). But the new rumor cites a German online retailer who apparently confirmed on Facebook that in October, Sony will launch a new PS3 with 12GB of flash memory. Analysts had speculated on the possibility of a cheaper, more casual/accessible system, so this could be accurate as well. It also seems this PS3 might come in a “smaller box.”

As we near the end of this generation, it makes perfect sense to release more efficient and ideally, cheaper, machines. Remember, Sony reaped the majority of the PS2′s profit during that console’s later years, leading up to and into the PS3 launch. Guess we’ll have to wait until Sony’s press conference at the Tokyo Game Show to clear up these rumors.

[Source] = Psxextreme

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