SONY Violating LGPL

February 15, 2013

SKFU known for his work on the PS3 and PS Vita, has recently posted an article on his blog, regarding Sony violating LGPL, here is some information on what LGPL is:

Short for Lesser General Public License, the license that accompanies some open source software that details how the software and its accompany source code can be freely copied, distributed and modified. A Lesser General Public License is used to license free software so that it can be incorporated into both free software and proprietary software, and is often referred to as the weaker sibling of GPL. The LGPL and GPL licenses differ with one major exception; with LGPL the the requirement that you open up the source code to your own extensions to the software is removed. The most widespread use of LGPL is in reference to the GNU LGPL. LGPL is also called GNU libraries and formally called the Library GPL.

Here is a small quote from SKFU’s blog:

A screenshot collection of those can be found at:

Inter alia, here you can see that the open source software “Webkit” is used which is licensed as LGPL software. Like PlayStation Mobile, the PSV Webbrowser and some other software, SONY has to provide the source code of the modifications made to the LGPL software.

Normally SONY publishes source code which they are forced to share at, but as you see the Facebook app’s Webkit source is missing…


To read the full story visit the source
SONY Violating LGPL

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