Sony You Lost – You Took From Us – Devs Gave Back To Us

April 2, 2013

Around the world, April the first is known as April Fools day, where you make your familly and friends fall for some sort of trick or Joke.
But in the PS3 Scene, it was known as the day Sony released the disgusting 3.21 FW, which eradicated the “Install OtherOS” feature, thus removing the ability to install Linux, or completely taking the Linux partition away from users and in extreme cases making PS3 owners lose access to PSN is they decided to stay on Linux.
Sony’s victory was short lived, they made the mistake of lieing and saying they would always support OtherOS, then turning around and taking it away, their mistake was our victory as hackers and Devs worked until they got OtherOS restored on the PS3, now we can have Linux on 4.xx CFW/MFW.

So Thank You
and all the others that helped return the Linux function to the PS3.

 photo other_os_ps3_zps6892e2a6.png

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