Sony’s 3D Support Continues

August 18, 2012

Let’s face it, 3D gaming is a novelty that many of us haven’t had a chance to experience. Despite this, Sony continues to support the 3D cause.

The 3D scene away from general TV and Cinema has been a very slow development, specifically in the gaming world. 3D games are a rarity and often lack support from many developers, however Sony have a different attitude to the situation.

Although 3D games aren’t a necessity, it is something that can be used in the right situations and this is something that Jim Ryan (CEO of Sony Entertainment America) understands. Ryan was questioned about the lack of 3D technology used within Sony titles recently. Ryan’s response was positive towards the cause and he told fans not to read too much into the recent minimal support, as there are still plans for 3D in the near future of gaming.

Away from the PlayStation 3, Sony has invested hugely into TV’s and more recently 3D TV’s, so there is no reason to assume 3D gaming is out of the picture.

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