Sony’s Gaikai Being Sued Over Patent Infringement

October 13, 2012

These Patent Wars, I’m beginning to think the corporations are doing it on purpose in order to stop innovations being made by the real people who drive the industries, i.e. the small guy.

Corporations are not the ones who come up with most of the new ideas, they are happy to sell the same old product over an over again and not improve it if they could. It’s the small guys who come up with ways to improve upon and create new systems, it’s then then that the corporations get greedy and buy those patents from them and sell them as their own.

The only one who suffers from these patent wars are the consumer.

And one thing I keep saying about the ones regarding Apple, why are they going to such lengths to stop Samsung? And why only Samsung and noone else?
If you ask me it shows that Apple themselves have no confidence in their products and that they cannot stand up against any rival product, and so they have resorted to patents.

And werent patents set up to protect the small guy, now big businesses are making it that patents are nothing, more trouble than they are worth. In these cases the winner is whoever has the deeper pockets, and the small guy have nothing compared to corporations. We’ve seen it before with $ony, they should have been hammered for stealing otheros, but the judge didnt see it that way, somehow. Again the prosecutor for that case was a moron and bend under the pressure of the big cheese lawyers $ony had.

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