Sony’s Gamescomference: PS4 Release Date Announced for EU & US.

August 21, 2013

Sony’s Gamescom conference is now over, and I was impressed but unimpressed with the little amount of AAA announced.

Much was said, but  the most amazing was the release date for PS4.

So I’ll get straight on to it.

US: 11/15/2013

EU: 29/11/2013

PS4 has already passed 1 million pre-orders, Andrew House announced at the conference – and while saying this, he had a jab at Microsoft saying:


While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires.

Damn Americans getting it earlier that me! ;)

Also that was mentioned, was how all TV/entertainment apps were not behind a paywall unlike ‘others’.

The title… You see what I did there? :)

Sony had a conference at Gamecom…

‘com’ sounds like the begining of conference

so I merged it to form……. Yeah. You got it.

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