Sony’s PS4 multiplayer: You gotta pay, man.

November 7, 2013

Multiplayer games will remain free for PS3, while on PS4..nope. It’s not bad news after all. They want to give a better *quality* of service and a wide spectrum for you to choose.

All this started in Japan when they stated that will charge for Multiplayer for PS4 over there. Thing is they have no broadband issues as the rest of the world.
In some point Playstation Plus members will not notice that difference thus the *big thing* about PSN and PS3 that you can play almost every single game online without PLUS.

So for the next-gen is almost a *must-have* to enjoy most of the features of the PS4. Thing is again..not the price but how well Gaikai will perform in other Countries.

To quote:

JAPANESE ELECTRONICS AND ENTERTAINMENT FIRM Sony has confirmed the monthly and yearly pricing that PS4 users should expect to pay for online multiplayer fun.

Reports suggest that Sony is new to the paid online games party, but actually it has had a top deck subscription service for a while.

Today Sony confirmed to The INQUIRER that pricing is still a factor, much like it has always been on the rival Xbox games console, and is reasonable.

Adopters of the Sony Playstation Plus service, which has been around since 2010, get a premium experience across a range of devices, including the Playstation Vita, the Playstation 3 (PS3), and soon the Playstation 4 (PS4), Sony said.

There are three pricing tiers. One is monthly, one is three monthly and one is yearly. The most economical of these is the yearly subscription, which costs £39.99 and works out to £3.33 per month. A three month subscription costs £11.99, and a monthly subscription is priced at £5.49.

Playstation Plus brings with it a range of features, including multiplayer gaming on the PS4.

It also provides discounts through the Playstation store for games and add-ons and offers a leg up for beta trials. Users can also back up their games to the cloud and pick them up somewhere else and on another console as they see fit. Plus subscribers also get access to a collection of games, called the Instant Game collection, including *Wipeout*, that are theirs for life.

“We announced at E3 in June of this year that Playstation Plus is a requirement for online multiplayer on PS4,” said a Sony spokesperson.

“We are ‘charging’ for online [multiplayer] but we’re also adding a great deal of services and value across the whole of the [Playstation Network]. In order to offer these premium services we have to put a cost against them but as you can see the benefits far outweigh the price.”

Multiplayer games can be played on the PS3 for free, and Sony announced a paid multiplayer games feature on the PS4 last summer.


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