Sorry FBI: Alledged PSN Hacker Destroyed Computers

May 14, 2013

Remember the big PSN hack? Who could forget it? Major credit card and personal details leaked to the black market by hackers claiming to be “Anonymous”? Well, Alleged PlayStation Network Hacker Todd Miller was one of the few men accused behind the now infamous hack that led to a major overhaul in Sony’s Entertainment Network security. Last week the courts sentenced him to a 12 month house arrest, but here’s the problem: authorities cannot prove whether he was behind the hack or even involved.

Peter C. Economus
U.S. District Judge Peter C. Economus

The Columbus Dispatch reports, Miller had smashed all of his computers, after being interviewed by the FBI in 2011, before they even flashed a warrant to search his house. Because of this, they could not prove in anyway that he was involved, so they made the decision to nail Miller with “obstructing a federal investigation” ruling. Due to Miller, who is now 22 years of age only having 9th grade education, the judge ordered he complete high school to get his certificate.

Miller made a statement earlier today saying that “He had learned his lesson” and that “You will not see me again”, he told the Judge. Luckily for Miller he got off lightly with this sentence, as the judge could have easily sentenced Miller to 20 years in prison and fined $250,000USD. The judge explained to Miller that he could “see no purpose in sentencing you in prison”, mainly due to Miller having a full-time job and some stability in his life after a tumultuous childhood.

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