Sources for the Monster Hunter VHBL uploaded

September 12, 2012

I just uploaded the sources for Neur0n’s Monster Hunter VHBL port to our SVN.

This brings the VHBL SVN to revision 161, but technically there is nothing different between R161 and the Revision 160 that was released yesterday. Well, the one difference is that besides Neur0n and myself, nobody could compile the Monster Hunter port on Revision 160, but it is now possible.

The main change between this port and the previous VHBL releases is the new compile-time defines HARDCODED_IMPORTS_CONFIG and SMALL_FILENAMES. These 2 values will force VHBL into using 8.3 filenames. In particular for nids, check out the lib66x_short subfolder, this also means that the imports.config_66x file needs to be renamed into IMPORTS.DAT.

Assuming Sony doesn’t “long term” patch VHBL, future VHBL ports will need to follow these naming conventions and add these 2 defines in their config. So if you are currently working on a VHBL port, please take this into account.

If you are not a developer, you are probably simply looking for the latest VHBL binaries, you can find them there.

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