Square Enix: Mysterious countdown..New project?

December 8, 2012

Square Enix 12:12:12

Honestly, i am clueless what Square Enix is trying to say about 12:12:12. Some new project?…maybe you can see something else on the pic i posted above. (Click the image to go square enix countdown clock site).

To quote:

So Square Enix is teasing yet another new game with acountdown clock. And we wish we didn’t have to be so cynical about it (we’d much rather be excited) but each time, we end up being disappointed.

And we say “each time” because Square Enix does this a lot (asKotaku comically explains). Unfortunately, most of the announcements don’t warrant any countdown clock so our hopes usually rise for nothing.

Anyway, this new teaser site features the word “Star” and offers the clue “liftoff,” which can be found in the URL. Some are speculating that it could be a game called “Star Galaxy,” which – as reported by Siliconera – was recently trademarked in Japan. Others are thinking it might have something to do with the other recently filed trademark, All The Bravest. Whatever it is, we’ll find out on Tuesday, December 11 at 10 p.m. EST.

It could be another entry in the long-running and critically acclaimed Star Ocean franchise. We haven’t seen one since The Last Hope, which launched back in March 2009 for the Xbox 360 and a year later on the PS3.

[Source] = PSXextreme via Square Enix

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