Start Your Ion Engines

May 28, 2012

It’s been a while since we last heard from ThatOtherDev but he’s racing back on to the scene with his latest release. ThatOtherDev’s latest game UFO Racers isn’t really all that new.  It’s actually been on a few other systems but now it’s been freshly built for the PS3 and just like all of his work it doesn’t disappoint.

The game itself is self-explanatory in that it’s a racing game where you fly around a race track in a UFO… go figure. As you’re racing around the track you’ll have the amount of track you’ve covered and how many times you’ve completed it and your best time all while flying around with your analog sticks. Remember this is the first release so there will be updates to refine your UFO racing experience and be sure to check out our “20 Questions with a Dev” spot with ThatOtherDev. So get out there and start you Ion Propulsion Engines and start racing.

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