Statement from xiaNaix Regarding PSX-SCENE

June 7, 2011

In 2002, Guichi and I started what was then called Our small Playstation forum grew quickly and soon became, the premiere source for PS2 scene news and information. With the announcement of the Playstation 3 and the PS2 in it’s twilight years, Guichi retired and I focused my attention on a site for the newly released Nintendo Wii console. We changed names once again and became known as PSX-SCENE.

In August of last year, PSX-SCENE was first with the news of the world’s first PS3 modchip, PS Jailbreak. The site immediately drew world-wide attention, and was linked by numerous mainstream news sources. Then, in January of 2011, Sony filed a lawsuit against famed iPhone and PS3 hacker Geohot, as well as several other PS3 homebrew developers. Once again, PSX-SCENE was at the forefront of things, providing case updates and court filings on a regular basis. The name PSX-SCENE quickly became well-known even outside of the homebrew community.

With the increase in traffic as a result of these high-profile events, GaryOPA and I have struggled to keep up with the daily requirements needed to maintain and support such a large community. Our moderators have been doing a fantastic job but they too are clearly being taxed by the increase in traffic we’ve seen over the last six months. In addition, I am faced with serious personal and professional issues that require my immediate and focused attention.

As a result of these and many other factors, I made the extremely difficult decision to relinquish control of both PSX-SCENE and WiiNewz to a media company that will continue running the site from here on out. Caputo Media is very experienced in this area, being the owners of QJ.NET, one of the biggest and best sources for gaming news on the internet.

I’m sure there will be numerous rumors surrounding these events but, rest assured, the site is not under the control of Sony or any other giant enemy crab. I have simply decided to turn things over to a group of people who can continue to evolve PSX-SCENE into the biggest and best source for Playstation scene news on the internet while I focus on reality for a while.

PSX-SCENE has always been a user driven community and it is my hope that you will continue to support the site during this transition period and beyond.

This is not Game Over… it’s Game On.

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