Still Rocking Black Ops 1? Breathe Some Life Into It With primetime43’s RTM Tool

April 3, 2013

The first Black Ops game has ought to be one of the best in the franchise, or at least in my opinion. It’s time as being the game to play has come and gone. If you’re still playing it and want to try something new and have access to a DEX console, then check out primetime43’s Real Time Modding (RTM) tool for the game. If you’re familar with the Call of Duty mod tools, this one does more or less the same.

With the RTM tool, you can play host to a lobby where “God Mode” is activated, along with “No Clip” and “Super Speed.”  Alongside providing those features, the tool also can change the multiplayer stats for any specific person, including Prestige level. The same can be done for the Combat Training portion of the game, if you wish to try out higher tiered weapons and perks without actually having to set through all 50 levels. Combined with a few other mods for the game, you can really reinvent multiplayer. Reinventing in a private lobby of course.

If this sparks interest, you can download the RTM tool below. You will need a DEX PS3 as well as the ps3tmapi_net.dll file in order for this tool to work.

Download: Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 RTM Tool

Source: PSX-Scene

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