Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita Review

November 5, 2012

Street Fighter x Tekken was first released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 6 months ago back in March and here at NGB, we thoroughly enjoyed it and gave the game 9 out of 10. However, time has passed with people starting to mention worrying bugs which alerted Capcom to plan a ‘hefty’ patch for next year. However, that has not stopped Capcom from bringing the game to Sony’s latest handheld system, the PlayStation Vita. Have Capcom done the right thing in bringing the arcade beat-em-up title to the handheld system? Or should they really have waited and focused on the console versions? Read on to find out more!

Game: Street Fighter x Tekken
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
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Just like we mentioned in the main console review, the same goes for here and it really is such a shame that Capcom have been unable to tweak the story so that it has some depth in it. Ok, the main point in the game is to put iconic Tekken and Street Fighter characters together and let them brawl but they could at least brawl for a point. Agian, the ‘story’ mainly focuses around Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s Box gives whoever has control of it, ultimate power in which they can do what they see fit and change the world for good or bad. Everyone wants that box … yet after rounds of blood, sweat and tears, the problem is they never get to it as it is said that the box’s whereabouts are unknown. I was hoping that Capcom would have improved on this in the PS Vita version, but it is a real shame that they have decided not to.


With Street Fighter x Tekken, you can play both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions and not notice much, if any difference at all. That is down to the fantastic hardware that the PlayStation Vita has and also Capcom in their efforts to squeeze the full visual experience into the portable handheld console. As in the console version, there are some awesome stages that you will get set for battles on but again, the main point in all this is how good the game looks on the PlayStation Vita’s stunning LED screen.


Although the audio in the game is decent with good voice acting (albeit not much from the characters in the game) and also some nice background music that goes well with the battles, it’s most probably the last thing that most fans of the game are going to notice or pay much attention to. With full concentration given to what moves you’re going to use and how you are going to defeat your opponents, it’s quite easy to let all the audio stuff drift out of your mind completely.


It begs the question, if such a deep fighting experience would really fit in with the PlayStation Vita’s touch controls and overall give players the ultimate control on what happens on the screen, compared to playing it on a home console where there are perhaps, easier methods in achieving the results you want. It’s great to say that Street Fighter x Tekken works really well with the PlayStation Vita.

The dual touch controls work very well in the game in a feature that the game calls ‘Battle Tap’. This represents the classic 6-button Street Fighter style on screen for the user on either the front screen or the rear-touch pad. The first four buttons are on the front screen whilst the last two are mapped to the rear touch pad. If players are not keen on where the buttons are positioned on the screen visually, they are able to re-position where each button is located on the screen.

This is a great addition to use the character’s Special Moves on the fly and gives a more fluid feeling to the game. The only problem I would say is that sometimes, I found myself accidentally pressing the rear touch pad on occasions due to my hand accidentally going over it at the back, so players must be careful in when they want and don’t want to use the rear touch pad. Battle Tap can also get extended with the use of Casual Style mode. This allows for newcomers of the game to get to grips with the game at ease as the console’s directional and other button inputs get disabled to allow players to fight through by just the press of the dual touch controls.

Players can also use Gems in the PS Vita version, which they can allocate to their fighters before the game begins, to allow for certain traits enabling their fighters to get certain boosts whilst in game. Again, like we mentioned in the original review, it’s nice to see that the Gem system isn’t that noticeable in game in the sense that you will over power or get overpowered whilst in battle leading to a one-sided match as that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. It will be good to see if Capcom decide in a future update to remove this gem system or improve it somewhat.

As this is a tag style fighting game, it’s always interesting to see if the roster matches up to the original version and its pleasing to see that not only does it match up, it also adds to the original. With the original console version offering 38 players, it’s great to see that the PS Vita version includes all them plus the 5 exclusive characters on the PlayStation 3. It also comes with a free download in order to get the new 12 playable characters which takes the roster of the PlayStation Vita version to a total of 55, which really gives a great variety of playing styles which will certainly keep fans entertained for a long time.


Although there is such a limited story, there is plenty of modes and the chance to play online that will keep fans happy for a long while. One of the reasons is due to the cross-platform play. This means that players who play on the PlayStation Vita can go against someone on the PlayStation 3. For those wondering, you are able to see what version your opponent is playing on as there will be a little symbol that appears next to the PlayStation Network username which shows if they are on the PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3. It’s also good to see that with some testing, I didn’t see much or any lag when playing someone on the PlayStation 3 on my PS Vita, hell I kicked their ass with Law and King with much delight.

One feature that was included exclusively for the PS Vita version is the Augmented Reality mode that has been implemented. This allows you to use the front or rear camera and take real life photos and put a character that is in the game, into the photo itself. Whilst it may seem fun the first two or three times, I must say I didn’t spend a long amount of time in the game on this and can’t see many fans spending time on it either.


I asked the question if it was worth Capcom bringing this fighter out for the PS Vita and hand on heart I must say yes, because all in all, it makes a great alternative to the console version and offers features that only the PS Vita can. The story mode is a real disappointment, but the amount of fun you will have using features like Battle Tap do make up for it. With stunning graphics and an improved roster, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t pick this version over the original.

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