SubJunk & Co. Releases Universal Media Server 2.3.0

January 28, 2013

The UMS development team has been busy with Universal Media Server as of late. They have added another to the four releases that they have done for the month. With version 2.3.0 out, there is improved MKV/MP4 support, audio selection to FFmpeg and faster transcoding. Take a look at the changelog:

  • General:
    • FFmpeg supports audio selection
    • Improved MKV/MP4 support on PS3
    • Fixed rare bug where files stop half way through
    • Support streaming mp4 to WD TV Live
    • Added initial support for Vizio Smart TVs
    • Fixed playback on unknown renderers
    • Fixed several FFmpeg-related bugs
    • Improved support for videos whose containers change aspect ratios
    • Tried to fix headless mode detection on Ubuntu
    • Fixed various bugs
  • External Components:
    • Updated FFmpeg for Windows to SB5, which:
      • Improves AC-3 audio buffering
      • Fixes memory leaks
      • Fixes a bug which detected transport streams as finished when they weren’t
      • Improved MPEG-PS encoding
      • Made error codes more meaningful
      • Improves Matroska (MKV) support
      • Improves threading
      • Optimized AC-3 decoding
    • Updated InterFrame to 2.4.0, which:
      • Improves scene-change detection

You can pick up the latest version of Universal Media Server below. As a general rule of thumb, if you currently have a version earlier than 1.5.0 installed, you should delete the ‘UMS.conf’ file before updating. Also, you should uninstall the previous version before updating to the newer version.


Download: Universal Media Server 2.3.0 [ Windows | Linux | OSX ]


Source: Universal Media Server

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