SubJunk Pushing That Universal Media Server 2.4

February 10, 2013

After getting through a server migration, SubJunk and the rest of the team coding away at Universal Media Server have released a new version for everyone’s enjoyment. This particular update adds external subtitle support to FFmpeg and sports improved file sorting and compatibility, along with other loads of changes.



  • General:
    • FFmpeg supports external subtitles
    • Linux build includes MPlayer, MEncoder and FFmpeg binaries like the other versions always have
    • Fixed user setting to automatically load external subtitles
    • Audio/subtitle language priority is now blank by default
    • Improved RealVideo file support
    • Added log level selector to the Logs tab
    • Improved MP4 compatibility on PS3
    • The word “the” at the start of filenames is ignored while sorting by default
    • Program runs on Windows startup by default, can be changed on the General Configuration tab
    • Fixed support for the Channels plugin
  • Languages:
    • Updated Czech translation
    • Updated Russian translation (thanks, Tianuchka!)
    • Made more things translatable
  • External Components:
    • Added MPlayer/MEncoder SB49 for Linux
    • Added FFmpeg SB6 for Linux
    • Updated Java Runtime Environment automatic downloader for Windows to 7u13, which:
      • Fixes serious security holes
    • Updated FFmpeg for Windows to SB6, which:
      • Enables external subtitles

You can grab your update below. The same installation instructions applies. Delete the ‘UMS.conf’ file if updating from a version earlier than 1.5.0 and uninstall the old version before installing the new one.


Download: Universal Media Server 2.4.0 [Windows | Linux | OSX]


Source: Universal Media Server

Tags: media streaming, PlayStation 3, PS3, subjunk, ums, universal media server

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