SubZero DeZigns Brings Make Package NPDRM GUI

August 12, 2012

SubZero DeZigns has been a busy developer since his previous release of Make Package NPDRM GUI.

This PKG creation tool has had five revisions with tons of changes ranging from file recognition, bug fixes and an array of GUI tweeks and additions. Check out the extensive changelog below. 


Make Package NPDRM GUI: v2.1.1121 – RELEASED!

   1) Added: Output Ontop check – See Settings


   1) Fixed: Error 13: Type miss match – Bug

   2) Added: Textbox, Command button to Output form. – :) 

   3) Replaced: Output text font


   1) Added: Files Collapse – :) 

   2) Added: Output Visible – Thus NOT making the OutPut Snap to GUI.

   3) Added: Skin Colors to – GUI, Settings – See Settings-Skin

   4) Added: Delay on Shut down – 2.5sec

   5) Added: Opacity – See Settings

   6) Added: More Graphics – See Settings Skin

   7) Fixed: A bug in Help topics in menu


   1) Fixed: OutPut BackColor / ForeColor resign upon window close/re-open

   2) Added:SHA1 – This does not do 4096+ gb large files

   3) Fixed: Scroller size – Bottom area  


   1) Added: Sounds – Settings

   2) Added: OutPut Form – Removed output from main form

   3) Added: Lots of Settings – See settings

   4) Added: More file recognition

Download: Make Package NPDRM GUI: v2.1.1121

Source: psx-scene

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