SubZero Dezigns Releases Make Package NPDRM GUI Update

July 24, 2012

SubZero Dezigns (aka Quakes69) has released an update to Make Package NPDRM GUI. Version 1.4.1025 brings some added GUI functionality to this neatly put together application.

Changelog: 1.4.0:

  • Removed: Right Click Input Text on DRMType, ContType, PackageTpe
  • Added: Right Click Edit on DRMType, ContType, PackageTpe
  • Added: Menu Options to DRMType, ContType, PackageTpe For the more user control freaks(Like myself)
  • Added: ListView control
  • Added: Execute’s


  • Removed: Message’s Listview

Known issues:

Q) My pkg’s are missing?

A) make_package_npdrm doesn’t support an output folder right now.

S) Try doing a *.pkg search or, Opening the App Path, User Dir(C:Documents and SettingsUSER_NAME –   C:USERSUSER_NAME)

Make Package NPDRM GUI is used to create PKG files.

Download: Make Package NPDRM GUI v1.4.1025

Source: psx-scene

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