SvenGDK Delivers Updates: XMBPC v0.9.2 PS3

May 29, 2013

Scene Developer SvenGDK is back once again this week, with an update to his XMBPC application and has updated it to v0.9.2. For those not in the know, XMBPC is a clone of the PS3’s and PSPS’s XMB interface that allows users to boot up the styled format as a GUI on their PC. You will have the ability to manage all your Videos, Music, Pictures, just as you would on those Sony Devices but now on a PC. The app has support for use of the PS3 Controller. Here is a quote and changelogs of recent updates below:


The latest build inculdes support so that you can use a PS3 controller.  There is also new emulator and game support to launch right from the XBM.  Check out all of the recent developments below.

Recent Changelogs:

XMBPC v0.9.5 RC will come soon with some new features!

  • XMBPC Network (XMBPC Network:
  • XMBPC Network new video preview (Login & Add a friend): Created by SvenGDK (
  • Automated driver installation (Installs Motioninjoy DRIVER ONLY)

XMBPC System Update v0.9.2 available! Update via “Check for updates” on XMBPC.


  • Added Internet Browser (First PUBLIC TEST – not done yet but usable)
  • Other minor fixes

XMBPC System Update v0.9.1 released! You can update via “Check for updates” in XMBPC.

  • NEW: Deutsch & Français language (can be selected on the Toolbox or on a new setup)
  • NEW: XMBPC Toolkit v1 (XMBPC_Toolkit.exe):
  • Change media folders
  • Add more games
  • Install drivers (LATER)
  • Reset XMBPC

Source/Downloads: SvenGDK via PS3 Hax

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