SvenGDK Releases XMBPC 0.7 Beta

March 24, 2013

SvenGDK returns with a new release of XMBPC, a XMB Clone/Emulator for your PC. It comes with support for PS3 controllers, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of using your mouse/keyboard setup. Since its last release, SvenGDK has added in a theme installer, file browser and background installer among other things. Check out the changelog:

  • New game covers (Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, …)
  • You can now browse previous files, not only browse the next ones.
  • Theme installer (Yes, p3t files compatibility. TO INSTALL THEMES YOU NEED TO PLACE THE P3T FILE IN .mediaThemes)
  • Background downloader (Like on the PS3 with a speed indicator feature)
  • File browser for future things (You can control it with the controller and select your p3t theme from there)
  • Now loading game disc cover from “.mediaCovers”, improves compatibility & speed
  • New game handling system (PS Button should now work ingame)
  • Other compatibility and speed improvements

You can download the latest version of XMBPC below.


Download: XMBPC v0.7 BETA | PS3 Controller Drivers


Source: PS3Hax

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