SvenGDK Welcomes Spring With New PS Multi Tools

April 4, 2013

SvenGDK, the developer of the XMBPCE application, has released an update to PS Multi Tools. PS Multi Tools consists of several tools to assist with managing your PS3, PS2 and PSP game backups among other things that could be related to your operations. With the v10 update, SvenGDK has changed up the UI to match the season change. That’s not the only thing as new tools and homebrew were updated, if not added to the package. Take a look at the changelog:


  • NEW Nature UI (Improvements, more effects, …)
  • Added PS1 to PS3 converter
  • Added PS2 Classics
  • Updated old tools/homebrews
  • Added new tools/homebrews

Also with this release, note that previous versions of PS Multi Tools will not work anymore due to the new PS Live Menu and that the ‘package_finalize.exe” file will give off a false positive with some antivirus programs. Now that you’re aware of everything, you can download the latest version of PS Multi Tools below.


Download: PS Multi Tools v10

Source: PS3Hax

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