Syrian Rebels Make Home Made Tank

December 10, 2012

Now i know this might be a tad off topic, but it has a small amount to do with gaming so don’t be too harsh on me, i rarely make posts like this, but i thought with its very small amount of gaming influence, PS3HaX members would find interest in it…

Now firstly, im sure the whole world knows by now of the terrible atrocities in Syria, the Syrian government get their weapons from the likes of China and Russia and whilst i don’t want to make or turn this into a political article, i do want to show that from junk can come something that can protect you and that leads me to the home made made by Syrian rebels, here is a video of the machine in question:

Now for a slight rant and the gaming aspect of this articlemainstream media sites are claiming that this is a PS3 control pad, it isn’t  so mainstream media, you fail again, by the images i do not even think it is a Sony licensed control pad, in my opinion it is either a third part PS1 control pad or a PC control pad which resembles a PS1 control pad.

Now if this does not interest you im sorry, i just wanted to show a home made tank controlled by a gamepad :)

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