System Software Version 4.31 Live In All Regions

October 30, 2012

Just about a week ago, gamers were greeted to a new update for PS3 numbered at 4.30 which discontinued Life With PlayStation and added some new trophy organization options. However today, in a surprise move, you’ll notice that your system will be looking to update to yet another version once you boot it. With just a single digit difference, the changes you’re going to find here aren’t exactly huge ones, and quite honestly there actually isn’t even a whole lot of official word on what this add on attempts to fix. For Japanese gamers, there have reportedly been bugs related to Monster Hunter Portable 3 HD, while others in the states have been reporting crashes since 4.30. I’m suspecting this has to deal with both of those shortcomings.

As if that isn’t enough to catch you off guard, maybe even more shocking is that this actually does nothing to mess with your CFW experience. Obviously you’re going to want to stay away from any OFW, but as far as your access to services go, you won’t be required to make the version jump if you want to use them. This has got to be a bit of a downer for those devs that just put out a 4.30 CFW. I wonder if anyone will be bored enough to make one for this new version. Either way, there is another Sony update in the loose!


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