Team Cobra Announces ODDE For PS3

December 3, 2012

After Team Cobra announced that they will making an updated custom firmware for the Cobra USB faithful, they have come back to announce that they will producing an optical disc drive emulator (ODDE) for the PS3. ODDEs which have been made for the Xbox 360, is in the development stages for the PS3. Other than Team Cobra, the xk3y team have their own ODDE in the works. (Dubbed the 3key) Other than the fact that the ODDE will be called the Cobra ODE, the team has not released any further information. The team is also toting that the Cobra ODE will be the “most advanced PS3 Optical Drive Emulator”. The team also has not posted any update on the 4.3x custom firmware that was announced last month.

It will be interesting to see what Cobra will be packing in their ODE to put it over the 3key. With Team Cobra putting their foot in, will other teams follow suit with their own products? At the moment, a placeholder is on the Cobra ODE site. Hopefully, that will be changed within the coming days.

Source: Team Cobra via PS3Crunch

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