Team Cobra Releases 4.30 CFW & Dongle Firmware v6

January 22, 2013

After two months since the announcement of their 4.30 custom firmware, Team Cobra finally releases it for their users to enjoy, with an updated dongle firmware to boot. With both, users can now enjoy the latest features added in between firmwares 3.55 – 4.30, while still taking advantage of the features that the dongle brings to the table. Not much has been mentioned by the team in terms of release notes except for the fact that region free support for PS1 & PS2 titles will be improved in a future firmware update and that PS2 emulation on Slims is not longer supported.

If you are one of the aforementioned Cobra USB dongle users and want to perform the update, you can find the custom firmware and dongle updates below. Remember that you will need both installed if you want to use the 4.30 CFW.

Downloads: 4.30 Custom Firmware By Team Cobra | Cobra-USB Dongle Firmware v6

Source: Cobra-USB

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