Team Cobra Will Release Cobra ODE

December 4, 2012

Just when you thought the anal raping of the PS3 scene couldn’t get any worse, along comes the mighty team Cobra to give you a bum full, but of course ODE’s are only possible via hardware, perhaps they will be generous and throw in Cobra USB for free, here is a quote from the “Exclusive ” source

Team Cobra is entering the PS3 Optical Drive Emulator market
that they will be producing a ODE for Sony Playstation 3 consoles
the market for installing an ODE in the PS3 scene world is heating up as the world’s famous Team Cobra behind the Cobra-USB dongle is now going to be producing an Cobra-ODE for playing all your backup PS3 Blu-Ray Game Disc Images directly from any HDD without the need to have your PS3 console on ‘custom firmware’, which they claim will be ‘most advanced PS3 Optical Drive Emulator’ ever.

No more infomation is available at the moment, except what is on their official websites, but stay tuned as we bring you more exclusive news!


Source PS3crunch

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